Friday, August 10, 2012

Natural Hair Chronicles - Hair Loss Recovery

During pregnancy, like most women, my hair grew and thicken over the many months.  Supported by a healthy diet and pre-natal vitamins, my hair is always healthiest during pregnancy.

With the many benefits of pregnancy and childbirth, there are of course some things that aren't so great.  One of these things is the post-partum hair shedding.  I won't get into all the science and medical jargon in explaining the why and the how this happens.  

I'll just say my edges went from this in March...

to this by the end of May.

Typically, the natural shedding process doesn't begin until 2-3 months after giving birth, as your hormones start getting back to normal levels.  However, nursing staved off the process for me for a few weeks.

But when it did begin, it was relentless in the dramatic effect it had on my edges.  I have to say that with all the other necessary distractions and shift in focus that comes with being a mother and adding another child to our family, the change in my hair seemed to happen overnight.  I did notice a significant increase in the number of strands that collected in my comb and my fingers as I cared for my hair, but the final results, I never saw coming.

So now what?...

I doubled down on my hair care regimen.

First, I needed to directly address the issue of my edges.  After some research, I purchased a product recommended by Felicia of Loving Your Hair with Natural Care

*Organic Root Stimulator's Fertilizing Serum Herbal Scalp Formula

(This particular product is for natural hair textures, braids, and weaves.  
The Fertilizing Temple Balm is for relaxed, blow-dried, or pressed hair.)
Initially (first 2 weeks), I used the fertilizing serum along my edges twice a day.  After this initial period, I made sure to include the serum treatment in my standard hair regimen at least twice a week before bedtime.

In addition to my standard regimen, I upped my deep conditioning sessions from once a month to twice a month. Since my time is limited, I've forgone making my own conditioning mix and now using the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, as well as the shampoo and conditioner in the product line.  I've used these products in the past when I was "newly natural" and got great results.  


My hair steamer is still packed away since we just moved into our new home in June. But I stumbled upon the Hair Therapy Wrap I got a couple years ago.  It's the perfect fit for my demanding schedule.  I can continue multitasking and getting things done while treating my hair.  The results don't quite equal that as compared to steaming my hair, but something is better than nothing.

With my hair separated into six sections (2 front, 2 middle, 2 back), I saturate my hair with the Deep Treatment Masque, detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb and modified Denman brush, and then twist each section. 

I heat the head wrap up in the microwave for 2 minutes and put on a plastic cap before securing the wrap on my head.

I sport my fancy head gear for 45 minutes to an hour.  Hop in the shower. Shampoo, condition, and rinse each section. With my hair still damp, I apply my favorite leave-in conditioner and seal with a bit of my shea butter/coconut oil mix.

If I feel like it, a couple hours before bed, I set my hair in twists in preparation for a fresh twistout in the morning.

This has been my routine over the past six weeks and my hair has responded and rebounded quickly.  Check out the difference in my edges...

I'm so pleased with the results.  I'll provide another update as my hairline recovers.


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